88 Series Manual Overwrapping Machine

The 88 Series is a manual overwrapping machine with roll film, the max size box’s size is 400*150*200mm, and it can be customized for big box size.

It has knife o adjust the film’s width, and it can be make tear tape.

manual overwrapping machine

Machine Specification

[table id=10/]

* Maximum for this range, output speed depends on pack size. Other range, speeds and pack size capabilities are available.

* ​U- Unlimtied.

manual cellophane wrapping machine details

Standard Fitments Include:

  • Manual Feeding, Folding and Sealing
  • No Pneumatic
  • Bottom-side or side-seal
  • Large pack size range

Optional Fitments Include:

  • Tear tape applicator
  • Print registration facility
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Machine Video


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