5 Things You Need To Consider When Custom An Overwrapping Machine

Many customers need to custom an overwrapping machine, because packaging sizes may not meet their needs. So what items do you pay attention to?


It’s necessary to change a large motor if you want to custom a large packaging. Because the packaging becomes larger, the power required for packaging will become larger. If you continue to use small motors, the efficiency will be reduced.


You need to consider changeover if you have several different box sizes and need to change often.

Operate convenience

You will think to consider the convenience of operating while customing an overwrapping machine. In theory, we can do any size machines. However, the machine needs a worker to operate. So this is a question worth considering the convenience of operating once the machine becomes larger.

Work efficiency in unit time

Although the larger packaging machine packs more items at one time, the corresponding time of packaging and laying the bag are also longer. So the work efficiency in unit time is not sure to be improved. Thus, operating speed is an essential factor to consider.


There is no doubt that high packaging speed is a good thing, but it also means higher costs. At the same time, you need to consider output and labor costs. Custom the overwrapping machine suits you after comprehensive consideration.

You may have questions about whether to customize the machine. So please tell us your box size and the packaging speed you need, we will provide you with a perfect solution. It will be better if you send us samples. We will provide free sample test services.

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